The best Dele Alli challenge jokes as hand sign spreads

People across the globe have their hands on their faces.

There have been lots of Dele Alli challenge jokes as his hand gesture went global
RUINED: Hand (Image: Graham Watts)

The Dele Alli challenge is having a go at putting your hand over your eye in a similar fashion to that of the Spurs player.

The ridiculousness has recently spread worldwide and all sorts of characters are showing off their attempts at the hand gesture.

These are the best Dele Alli challenge jokes we could find:

The year is 2087.

Liverpool still haven't won the league, Ashley Young is still United's left-back, Spurs are still playing their home games at Wembley and I STILL DON'T HAVE A F*CKING CLUE HOW TO THAT DELE ALLI HAND TRICK THING.

— Footy Accumulators (@FootyAccums) August 15, 2018

dele alli and his stupid hands can fuck off I didnt want to do it anyway

— Will (@willne) August 15, 2018

I hear part of the reason for the stadium delay is because the construction team have wasted the last three days trying to work out how to do Dele Alli’s weird hand celebration thing.

— James Harris (@JamesCHarris97) August 14, 2018

Me trying to do that Dele Alli hand thing pic.twitter.com/4lieUsNsWt

— BOB (@SquizzBFC) August 15, 2018

I can’t do a lot of things but I can do the Dele Alli hand thing and I think that’s enough

— shaai (@shaaistaS_) August 15, 2018

If you’re trying to do that Dele Alli thing with your fingers, all you have to do:

Display how many trophies Arsenal have won since Alli has been at Spurs.

Then display how many trophies Tottenham have won since Alli has been at Spurs.

Then put it on your forehead like a twat.

— Moh Haider (@ArsenalMoh8) August 16, 2018

I’ve watched about 5185 videos of tutorials on how to do that Dele Alli thing with your hand on your face and still can’t do it

— alicia (@alicia_draycott) August 16, 2018

After an hour trying to make #delealichallenge #DeleAlli pic.twitter.com/M4bC5gw0wv

— com.pis (@BerckpDgnBulan) August 17, 2018





Charlie’s Thought Of The Day:
If you can do the Dele Alli eye celebration thing, stop showing people, nobody cares. If you can’t do it, stop trying, nobody cares.

— Charlie Meek (@Charlie__Meek) August 21, 2018

“Karius isn’t talented”… myth pic.twitter.com/J6ch8HquNG

— Bubbles (@bubbIxs) August 16, 2018

when you wanted to do the dele alli challenge but accidently did a gang sign, and now there’s 15 blood members running after you

— tim (@mit_2300) August 19, 2018


People who can do that weird Dele Alli hand thing, aren't passing this semester, cause they're focused on the wrong thing

— Black Shinobi (@baasmoe) August 20, 2018


The Dele Alli challenge. https://t.co/kuaIYwzE8V

— Wicky (@Wicknes007) August 19, 2018