The best Dejan Lovren penalty jokes after Beşiktaş miss

Liverpool's crucial 5th kick of the shoot-out in the Europa League round of 32 second leg did not go as planned.

After missing the 5th kick against Beşiktaş in the Europa League, the Dejan Lovren penalty jokes were obvious
MISSED: Lovren (Image: Kamran Hussain)

A slightly surprising choice to take Liverpool’s crucial 5th kick of the shoot-out against Beşiktaş in the Europa League round of 32 second leg, the expensive signing from Southampton will now suffer the indignity of these Dejan Lovren penalty jokes.

A one-nil defeat for Brendan Rodgers’s side after extra time forced the tie to be decided by penalties but nine great strikes were followed by a disappointing miss from the defender, sending the Turkish side through to the next round.

Don’t miss this collection of the best Dejan Lovren penalty jokes after his Beşiktaş miss:

Lovren's penalty just landed in my back garden.

— Pie and Bovril (@pieandbov) February 26, 2015

£20 million to miss a penalty. #Lovren

— KICKTV (@KICKTV) February 26, 2015

Well Dejan Lovren's career was hanging ever so delicately in the balance of that penalty and basically… it's been nice knowing him

— Jack Widnell (@jackwfootball) February 26, 2015

Would have had Mignolet take a penalty before Lovren. Possibly would have preferred to leave the ball there and hope for a gust of wind.

— Not Brian Kettle (@briankettle) February 26, 2015

Brendan Rodgers' frantic search for Dejan Lovren's receipt will intensify tonight.

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) February 26, 2015

I'm Lovren it

— ?KK? (@LowkeyMo_) February 26, 2015

Only Dejan Lovren could take a penalty in Europe and it lands in Asia.

— Carlos Tracción (@clonmacart) February 26, 2015

17 – Dejan Lovren's penalty will land on Mars in 17 hours time. Orbit.

— OptaJoke (@OptaJoke) February 26, 2015


— Kop End (@kopitetilldeath) February 26, 2015

Several airports in Europe currently on lockdown after UFO has been spotted taking off from Atatürk Stadium. #Lovren

— Chelsea HQ (@Chelsea_HQ) February 26, 2015

Yes go on lovren son I have faith in you, you can take it!! pic.twitter.com/BMbDd0sHBU

— Ant Johno (@Anthony_Johno) February 26, 2015

Picking Lovren for the 5th penalty. https://t.co/o6Wz25typt

— Kristian vS Hæhre (@vonstrenginho) February 26, 2015

SHOW OF HANDS: How many Liverpool fans kind of want Dejan Lovren to walk alone right now?

— Jimmy Conrad (@JimmyConrad) February 26, 2015

" So you're telling me Dejan Lovren cost Liverpool £20m? " pic.twitter.com/wZOSDWr2Hg

— Sunday League (@SundayShoutsFC) February 26, 2015

The moment when you try and work out why Dejan Lovren was taking the 5th penalty… pic.twitter.com/6peCgg5Y7F

— Transfer Site (@TransferSite) February 26, 2015

Lovren has tweeted "I am sorry" out already about his pen miss. F*** me the balls not down yet.

— Craig Burley (@CBurleyESPN) February 26, 2015

I felt for young Lovren after he missed that penalty. He told me he hated disappointing the fans. I said, "it's never bothered you before."

— Kevin Keegan (@GalacticKeegan) February 26, 2015

Where Dejan Lovren taking the 5th penalty ranks on the 'you're asking for trouble' scale. #LFC pic.twitter.com/slwL3aRVPV

— Mark Patterson (@MarkPattersonBR) February 26, 2015

Lovren's penalty finally returns from orbit and hits a poor fan! pic.twitter.com/jBzMtJZhJx

— 1886 (@1886_blog) February 26, 2015

Dejan Lovren's penalty continues its journey #LFC pic.twitter.com/NbSE0sBwt2

— Anfield1892 (@KevinKelleher1) February 26, 2015

BREAKING: Lovren's penalty has just landed… https://t.co/Sd7y811wka

— BreatheSport (@BreatheSport) February 26, 2015

When you choose Lovren as your fifth penalty taker. https://t.co/tYQVxcIoQI

— Paul (@Kolology) February 26, 2015


— YNFA (@ynfa_thehub) February 26, 2015