The best Danny Murphy commentary jokes from Chelsea v Man City

Wags take to social media in their droves to express boredom and/or irritation.

Danny Murphy commentary bored many a viewer during live BBC coverage of Chelsea 5-1 Man City
MONOTONOUS: Murphy (Image: RoverTheBendInSussex)

These were the best Danny Murphy commentary jokes proffered during Chelsea’s 5-1 FA Cup 5th round win over Man City, screened live on BBC.

It’s safe to say not everyone was enamoured with the insight provided by the former Liverpool, Spurs and Fulham midfielder, not that co-commentators are routinely celebrated.

Nevertheless, it seems that for many viewers Danny Murphy’s commentary took the shine off what should have been a good old-fashioned FA Cup tie on the Beeb:

Danny Murphy's law: Whenever Danny Murphy is commentating, the mute button is utilised.

— United Religion (@Unitedology) February 21, 2016

Danny Murphy's voice makes me feel sad.

— Tim Stillman (@Stillberto) February 21, 2016

Imagine being stuck in Chester's largest lingerie section with Michael Owen and Danny Murphy.

— Andy Heaton (@Andrew_Heaton) February 21, 2016

If Mark Lawrenson was a £2.99 iPhone app, Danny Murphy would be the free version.

— •S•C•H•T•E•E•Z•U•S• (@ssschtevvv) February 21, 2016

If Danny Murphy worked for the Samaritans helpline suicide rates would increase by 100% minimum.

— Chris (@betamax_bandit) February 21, 2016

Danny Murphy would send a glass eye to sleep, he makes Phil Neville sound excited

— ShanksRedArmy (@ThemightyEmlyn) February 21, 2016

Danny Murphy is as boring as Michael Owen as a co-commentator

— Spion Klopp (@Jay_78_) February 21, 2016

Danny Murphy commentating pic.twitter.com/PmC8hYAwQL

— 1886Gunners (@Timbo_Slice1991) February 21, 2016

Danny Murphy hangs round primary schools, telling kids that Santa isn't real

— Rob Reid (@RobReid11) February 21, 2016

Danny Murphy: "He's put it on an absolute plate for him" #absoluteplate

— Sean (@shornKOOMINS) February 21, 2016