The best crying Welsh fan jokes from England vs Wales at Euro 2016

Tearful Welshman shows support after camera spots him in the stands.

There were crying Welsh fan jokes from England vs Wales at Euro 2016 after the tearful Welshman was spotted in the stands by the cameraman
CRYING: Welshman (Image: Twitter/Charlie Flowe)

Don’t miss this selection of the best crying Welsh fan jokes from England vs Wales after the cameraman spotted a tearful Welshman in the stands with the score in the group stage clash levelled at 1-1.

He was in tears even before the English went on to score again but, in just a few seconds, the man managed to show his passion and support for Wales after realising the camera was focused directly on him.

The clip has since been widely discussed and shared online, and these are the best of the crying Welsh fan jokes from England 2-1 Wales:


— love isla twit chie (@SakhosPasses) June 16, 2016

Remember, crying man: You've got to hold and give but do it at the right time
You can be slow or fast but you must get to the line #ENGWAL

— Michael Moran (@TheMichaelMoran) June 16, 2016

No more football. Let's just continue to watch that Welsh bloke crying.

— Hayley (@HayleyWright) June 16, 2016

When you're crying but then realise you're on the big screen.. #ENGWAL pic.twitter.com/G3QHVca8nF

— William Hill Aus (@WillHillAus) June 16, 2016

When everything in your life is falling apart but you have to pretend you've got it together #ENGWAL pic.twitter.com/lwkJmqQUVY

— TechnicallyRon (@TechnicallyRon) June 16, 2016

When you're dreading checking your bank balance, but it isn't as bad as you feared #ENGWAL pic.twitter.com/jPUCaluCtr

— Ryan Love (@RyanJL) June 16, 2016

When you're a crying lad but realise you're on TV so have to be a brave lad #ENGWAL pic.twitter.com/8vYvpMSbIH

— Jack Guinness (@Jackguinness) June 16, 2016

When you're having a tantrum and your Mum gives in and lets you have the sweets #ENGWAL #EURO2016 pic.twitter.com/az3zWCBKLO

— Tony Shepherd (@tonysheps) June 16, 2016

Where's crying man now? No, they aren't tears of dragon spunk. They're tears of DEFEAT #ENGWAL

— Sam (@sam_bambs) June 16, 2016


— Anna (@Gatsbyspants) June 16, 2016

When yer sheep dies. #ENGWAL pic.twitter.com/NSIo26Ze8L

— . (@KyleGatfield97) June 16, 2016

Crying at 1-1? Nostradamus in disguise. #ENGWAL pic.twitter.com/tbOAWE2Hwt

— Paul Nasr (@PaulNasr) June 16, 2016

Sorry #WAL fans, this gif of the crying Welsh fan is more apt in reverse#ENGWAL #Euro2016 pic.twitter.com/B42NESFLoj

— BetVictor (@BetVictor) June 16, 2016

When you accidentally swipe left on a 10/10 but the lads remind you about the undo button #ENGWAL #cryingwelshfan pic.twitter.com/dNNQdgEmkh

— Rob Howard (@radiorobhoward) June 16, 2016

When you're sad you broke up but realise you're a strong independent woman that don't need no man #ENGWAL pic.twitter.com/CIhx8ee7fn

— kat (@_katvon_b) June 16, 2016