The best Carabao Cup quarter-final draw jokes as technical difficulties lead to delay

Live stream on Twitter failed to materialise.

There were all sorts of Carabao Cup quarter-final draw jokes after the delay and technical difficulties
DELAYED: Draw (Image: Twitter/Carabao Cup)

Technical difficulties in the lead up to the Carabao Cup quarter-final draw on Thursday kept impatient fans waiting until a pre-recorded clip was finally released, despite the expectation of a live feed on Twitter.

The eagerly anticipated event was scheduled for 4pm but, in the latest of a string of mishaps that have hindered the competition’s image this season, a stream failed to materialise.

Following a series of announcements, a video of the draw taking place was uploaded almost two hours later, which raising suspicions among some supporters as Manchester United had come away with the easiest fixture on paper – set to face Bristol City at home.

This is a big selection of the best of the delayed Carabao Cup quarter-final draw jokes and tweets following the latest debacle:

Delighted to have been asked to do the #CarabaoCup draw

— Laurel and Hardy (@Stan_And_Ollie) October 26, 2017

Delay to #CarabaoCup draw as United and Bristol City's balls fell off the radiator

— Jon (@TikkaMangala) October 26, 2017

did the clocks go back already?

— Dave (@kingdaveontour) October 26, 2017

#CarabaoCup Draws delayed. Pep complained about the balls they were using.

— Ian Stirling (@Stirling061) October 26, 2017

I've been sat in the work bogs waiting for this fucking draw for 15 minutes now can you please hurry up #CarabaoCup

— jordan (@jordanhewlett99) October 26, 2017


Red Bull has arrived at the scene of the quarter final draw claiming it is a friend of Carabao #CarabaoCup

— Fake Carlton (@_CarltonCole9) October 26, 2017

Help is on its way pic.twitter.com/p7SH2vRL9o

— Simon Hand (@simon_hand) October 26, 2017

Latest from the #CarabaoCup draw. pic.twitter.com/T42Xftdxti

— BoyleSports (@BoyleSports) October 26, 2017

The 'technical team' behind the #CarabaoCup draw have just been made public pic.twitter.com/HVdbCqFFsz

— David Joynson (@ChickenGeorge_1) October 26, 2017


Retweet if you are never… ever going to buy a carabao drink #CarabaoCup

— Robbie (@Robbie_whufc) October 26, 2017

Reckon I could go into labour before this draw starts.. and I'm not even pregnant. #CarabaoCup

— Hayles (@Hayles_101) October 26, 2017

What mundane things have you achieved since the start of the #CarabaoCup draw? I’ve change two lightbulbs and one nappy so far…

— Jon Lansdown (@JonLansdown) October 26, 2017


Leicester City v Brazil

West Ham v Boca Juniors Wmns U21

Arsenal v Arsenal Ladies

Manchester Utd v Anthony Joshua#CarabaoCup

— wellgosh (@wellgosh) October 26, 2017

Liverpool will have had 'their year' by the time this starts. #CarabaoCup

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) October 26, 2017


So the draw wasn't streamed live. And Man Utd got Bristol City. WHAT A SURPRISE EVERYBODY. #CarabaoCup

— Paddy Power (@paddypower) October 26, 2017

Man Utd executives at the draw until they get Bristol at home #carabaocup pic.twitter.com/UaDfkrlGrF

— Dave Collinson (@DaveyCCC) October 26, 2017


Thanks. Shame you couldn't save the other 110

— Ross Poole STFC (@rkpstfc30) October 26, 2017

Don't even care anymore I've aged 10 years

— Ali (@Ali_Givenchy) October 26, 2017

I was a 21yr old stunner when this draw started! X #CarabaoCup

— Auntie Winnie (@WinnieChuffkiss) October 26, 2017

This is how the #CarabaoCup Quarter Final Draw should be done. 18 SECONDS, LADS!!!! pic.twitter.com/iFZNpuIpVo

— Sean Hegarty (@Sean_Hegarty) October 26, 2017