#AskStevieG – our favourite questions for the Liverpool captain

Gerrard scans your questions (Image credit: etyek)

Liverpool and England captain Steven Gerrard will later be answering the “best” questions submitted on Twitter along with the hashtag #AskStevieG, all in association with Adidas.

Something tells Football Burp that the following entries aren’t exactly what he or Adidas had in mind…

Here we go, STEVEN GERRARD is going to answer your #AskStevieG questions.. twitter.com/adidasUK/statu…

— adidas UK (@adidasUK) November 6, 2012

@adidasuk why did you blame me for wrecking your room on your England debut? I’ve had many sleepness nights since, out of order #AskStevieG

— Robbie Fowler (@Robbie9Fowler) November 6, 2012

@robbie9fowler Who’s got the biggest nose out of the family? Haha #AskStevieG

— Anthony Gerrard (@antgerrard86) November 6, 2012

@antgerrard86 is nose a euphemism of something else?

— Robbie Fowler (@Robbie9Fowler) November 6, 2012

#AskStevieG would you like a photocopy of my Premiership winners medals?

—Ji Sung Park(@RealParkJiSung) November 6, 2012

#AskStevieG After so many years believing it was all about you, what’s it like slowly realising you’re more of a hindrance than a help?

— Jez Wyke (@jrwyke) November 6, 2012

“@_mikeedwards: #AskStevieG Has the increase in multimedia music platforms changed the way in which you attack DJs?” Hahaha

— Danny Mckeown (@DannyMckeown2) November 6, 2012

#AskStevieG which one of your 2 footed lunges are u most proud you got away with?? #dirtybastard

— Ged Robinson (@Ged_Robinson) November 6, 2012

Who would win in a foot race, Jamie Carragher or the erosion of the UK coastline? #AskStevieG

— BananaMan (@StockportRed) November 6, 2012

#AskStevieG Did part of you die when Brendan asked you play it short more?

— keithrobinson (@keithrobinson10) November 6, 2012

#AskStevieG Is the baby yours?

— Tino Asprilla JNR (@Asprillas_Son) November 6, 2012

#AskStevieG Do you think Brendan Rogers telling everyone to come close and then touching them like that is a bit creepy?

— Jez Wyke (@jrwyke) November 6, 2012

#AskStevieG That 15 year old you were ‘dating’, how do you feel about it now, in light of the Jimmy Saville allegations?

— Jez Wyke (@jrwyke) November 6, 2012

Will there ever be a boy born who can swim faster than a shark? Is it Jonjo Shelvey? #AskStevieG

— Vithushan(@Vitu_E) November 6, 2012

#AskStevieG do u think Shelvey looks the alien out of American Dad?

— Sean Korsbo (@SeanKorsbo) November 6, 2012

#AskStevieG how do u play footie xx

— Laurie James (@LaurieYuken) November 6, 2012

#AskStevieGAre you a Robot ?

— TURK(@Turkletondon) November 6, 2012

#AskStevieG Can you believe you took Paul Scholes’s midfield spot when you’re shit in comparison?

— Tom Smith (@Tom19Smudge) November 6, 2012

How does it feel that Michael Owen has more premiership medals than you #AskStevieG

— Richard H (@richonelove) November 6, 2012

#AskStevieG is it true you offered Phil Neville 20k for a premier league medal?

— Karlos… (@KarlHughes5) November 6, 2012

#askstevieg when Suarez goes swimming does he start playing football on the diving board?

— Mini Fiasco (@donlaarindini) November 6, 2012

#AskStevieG Is Messi as good as Joe Cole yet?

— Jamie Greenwood (@NineJamie) November 6, 2012

#AskStevieG Does Jonjo Shelvey take up all the car park at training when he arrives in his space ship?

— FootyHumour (@FootyHumour) November 6, 2012

#AskStevieG Has Jonjo Shelvey ever taken you to his home planet? Whats it like?

— FootyHumour (@FootyHumour) November 6, 2012

#AskStevieG Has Jen Chang ever threatened to poop in your letterbox?

— Andrew Allen (@AAllenSport) November 6, 2012

#AskStevieG are you related to Warren G?

— Taribo West (@Taribo_West_) November 6, 2012

#AskStevieG Why is the distant universe so homogeneous, when the Big Bang theory predicts larger measurable anisotropies of the night sky?

— ROB B. (@_Rob_B) November 6, 2012

#AskStevieG Is the universe heading towards a Big Freeze, a Big Rip, or a Big Bounce? Or is it part of an infinitely recurring cyclic model?

— ROB B. (@_Rob_B) November 6, 2012

#AskStevieG Can gravitational waves be detected experimentally?

— ROB B. (@_Rob_B) November 6, 2012

#AskStevieG you still owe me for that beak. Sort us it on payday alright, kid.

— Michael Pugh (@micpugh) November 6, 2012

if buzz lightyear doesn’t think he’s a toy, why does he stop moving when humans are around? #AskStevieG

— Hey Colt Cabana (@Shane_King_12) November 6, 2012

#AskStevieG is it true you named your ballsack Dirk Kuyt because they look the same?

— Connor Llowollon (@Connorll) November 6, 2012

How does it feel when you know both of us have won the same number of Premier League medals? #AskStevieG

— Il Principe. (@Chivalrous_Gent) November 6, 2012

#AskStevieG Ryan Gigg’s wife divorced him & took half of everything. How do you feel about her having 6 more Premier League medals than you?

— Everton Aren’t We? (@EvertonArentWe) November 6, 2012

#AskStevieG Did you feel like a wanker running 80 yards to celebrate a goal ruled out for offside? You certainly looked like one!

— Harry Haskett (@HarryHaskettPFC) November 6, 2012

#AskStevieG Have you ever considered opening your own chain of shops selling diving equipment?

— George Wall (@Gwall91) November 6, 2012

Which was your favourite moment? Your carling cup header for Chelsea or ur assist for Didier at Anfield?? #AskStevieG

— Barry Laheen♕ (@BarryL3) November 6, 2012

Manchester, Madrid or Milan…in which city do you hope to assault your next DJ? #AskStevieG

— yaya toure (@YayaToure_) November 6, 2012

RT @footyhumour: #AskStevieG On a scale of Jonjo Shelvey to Jordan Henderson, just how bad is Stewart Downing?

— Philip Jamal Uzor (@PhilipJamal) November 6, 2012

#AskStevieG Are you regretting this now?

— Andrew Allen (@AAllenSport) November 6, 2012

Do you have a question for Stevie G? Then get on Twitter, for crying out loud!

That’s all we have time for, thank you for your questions! Here’s a message from Steven Gerrard for you.. he’s #allin! twitter.com/adidasUK/statu…

— adidas UK (@adidasUK) November 6, 2012