Talking Sheffield United with… Section 60

We speak to front man Chris Perkins about his beloved Blades just before their FA Cup win at Fulham.

Section 60
Section 60… Partial to a spot of Glyn Hodges

Section 60 geared up to the release of their forthcoming new single “Champions of the Underdog” by performing at the Etihad just before Manchester City v Watford in the FA Cup, a competition that would bring joy to front man and Sheffield United supporter Chris Perkins soon after we spoke to him on Tuesday evening.

The Blades, struggling in League One, won at Fulham having triumphed at Aston Villa in the last round, so champions of the underdog they most certainly are at the moment…

Where are you going to watch the game?

I’m just in the house so I’m going to sit down with my little lad and watch it.


Not really. I think they’ll get beat tonight. They played Crewe on Saturday and were absolutely shocking, whereas they were so unlucky not to beat Fulham in the first game.

I wish they could reproduce their cup form in the league but it doesn’t seem to be happening for them.

What are your thoughts on Nigel Clough so far?

Well, I like Nigel Clough, and I’ve grown to like him even more because you can see his passion on the touchline.

[Clough’s predecessor] David Weir was a great player but I think he soon realised that he was out of his depth. With Clough, you can see his passion, and if he’s half as good as his dad then we’ll be okay!

It’s a shame it didn’t work out for Weir. He seems like an intelligent guy…

That’s what I thought when he was first appointed. I really thought he’d take us up, but as the weeks went by it became clear that he’s got this way of playing and he wouldn’t change it.

I think in those divisions you’ve got to play 4-4-2, get your wide men down the line to get crosses into the box, but Weir was playing this passing game with one up front.

He’s a nice guy but he was very stubborn. His heart was in the right place, and the football could be nice – I just think at this level that you’ve got to get stuck in and get it into the box.

Do you manage to get to Bramall Lane much?

I take my little lad to most home games, or as much as I can. I’ve been going since I was 7, when I could see the ground from where we lived on Norfolk Park in Sheffield.

Do you remember the first game you ever went to?

I think we played Reading but I don’t remember the result or the year.

How about the best and/or worst game you’ve been to?

Best game I would imagine would be when we beat Sheffield Wednesday 3-1 at Hillsborough – Bobby Davison scored two goals and Dane Whitehouse got the other.

Another great game was when we knocked Manchester United out of the 3rd round of the 1992-93 FA Cup. Glyn Hodges lobbed Peter Schmeichel from inside the box.

I always remember watching highlights of it and John Motson set, “This man’s left foot is magic.” Of all the players I’ve seen play for Sheffield United, on his day – and he didn’t have many of them – he was the most gifted.

Finally, if you had to select a five-a-side team out of all the Blades players you’ve seen in your time as a fan, who would you pick?

Most people would probably pick Alan Kelly in goal, but I’ll go for Mel Rees – he only played seven or eight games but he was amazing in them.

I’d pick Hodges, I’d pick Brian Deane, I’d pick Vas Borbokis…and I’ll have Paul Stancliffe as my defender! There have been better defenders, but I just remember him because he was that crap that he was good.

Chris Perkins, thank you.

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