Talking Chelsea, Inter and Juventus with… Hedley

Singer Jacob Hoggard talks about his love of Chelsea, Inter Milan and Juventus.

Chelsea didn’t quite go “All the Way” this season, but Hedley “Got Love” for them all the same

Hedley’s fifth album Wild Life is coming soon, so it seemed a fine time to collar lead singer Jacob Hoggard for a chat about his beloved Chelsea.

First, though, check out the video for next single “Anything”, out June 2nd…

How did you come to support Chelsea?

I’ve always been a fan of the Premier League and I’ve always found Chelsea to be a unique club with a passionate fan base.

I’m Italian so my loyalty lies somewhere between Inter Milan and Juventus, but the Premier League is exciting.

What do you make of this season’s Serie A?

It’s good to see Juventus take the championship but it’s been another funny season for Inter. They’ve been through a lot of changes in the last few years.

Will you be supporting Italy at the World Cup?

Absolutely. They won it on my birthday in 2006. That was a fantastic week, not that I remember much of it! I also like to see the English team do well.

Who do you think will win this summer’s tournament?

The German team is looking pretty damn strong again. They always have this calculated, level-headed approach.

Jacob, thank you.

Hedley release new single “Anything” on June 2nd and new album Wild Life on June 23rd. For more information, head to: http://www.shootmatchday.com/hedley/