Talking Arsenal With… Last Dinosaurs

Talking Arsenal With... Last Dinosaurs
Last Dinosaurs... Dig the Wenger philosophy

Last Dinosaurs play at Lovebox festival in London’s Victoria Park on Saturday, so Football Burp caught up with the Brisbane four-piece’s drummer Dan Koyama for a quick natter about his footballing allegiances. First, though, check out the band’s excellent new single “Time & Place”, which is out now on Fiction Records

What are you guys up to?

We’re just in the hotel watching some football right now, actually. We’ve got the Australia v Japan World Cup qualifier on a sneaky internet stream. It’s still 0-0, been a close game. Keisuke Honda and Tim Cahill have been the best two players on the pitch, I think.

How did you come to be an Arsenal fan?

I have no relation to London or anything like that – I just like the way they play. I’m a fan of Arsene Wenger’s philosophy.

Did you catch Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain playing for England against France the other night?

I did. He was actually quite good, the only guy who took them on I thought, dribbled a little bit which you don’t see very often. What did you think of England’s performance?

It was a decent result. Expectations are pretty low.

Yeah, I’ve been surprised – the English press is usually a bit more confident, or at least hopeful. I thought they played quite well against France.

Do you think Theo Walcott should be starting ahead of Danny Welbeck?

Yeah, Welbeck didn’t do that much. Walcott should have started, he’s a good player.

Robin van Persie looked pretty tired for Holland against Denmark. Does this concern you ahead of next season (that is of course if he stays)?

I didn’t actually watch the whole game but I was pretty surprised they lost because they’ve got one of the best squads in the whole competition. They might not even make it to the next round now.

Do you guys follow the Socceroos closely?

I’m actually more of a Japan supporter – I’m one of the half-Japanese members of the band – but I follow both teams pretty closely.

Dan, thank you.

Talking Arsenal With... Lost Dinosaurs

Last Dinosaurs will play at Lovebox in London’s Victoria Park on Saturday. Their new single “Time & Place” is out now on Fiction Records, to be followed by the album In a Million Years. For more information, including a list of live dates, please visit lastdinosaurs.co.uk

Visit Dan’s blog at dankoyama2012.blogspot.co.uk