World Cup Fantasy Football Tips, Semi-Finals: Defenders

Only four teams left now, so tread carefully...

Sergio Romero, one of our World Cup Fantasy Football tips for the semi-finals
Romero… Argentina’s number 1 (Image: Fanny Schertzer)

Our World Cup Fantasy Football tips for defenders (and goalkeepers) in the semi-finals are brought to you in association with that energy drink your friend once mixed with vodka and was sicking up all night.

Several different versions of World Cup Fantasy Football are proving to be popular so we can’t be specific on prices, but then your choices are now restricted to only four teams anyway.


Anyway, on to the defenders and goalkeepers in the World Cup semi-finals…

World Cup Fantasy Football Tips, Semi-Finals: Defenders (and goalkeepers)

We’re just going to come straight out with it and say that we’re erring towards Argentina and Germany here.

The former have looked in no mood to open games up during a succession of 1-0 wins, and they take on a Holland side that couldn’t break down Costa Rica over 120 minutes of football.

Meanwhile, the latter take on a Brazil shorn of Neymar, the hosts’ only striker to have scored in this tournament.

Brazil’s second top scorer is David Luiz, so if you fancy hedging your bets on Brazil v Germany – and, with the backing of a vociferous home crowd and quite possibly an intimidated referee, why not? – then best to include the wild-haired one.

Especially in the absence of his suspended centre-back partner Thiago Silva. Be sure to get him out of your side if you have him.

Pretty much any Argentina defender (including goalkeeper Sergio Romero) will do, while the obvious Germany pick would be Mats Hummels, who like David Luiz has scored twice at Brazil 2014 already.

If you will insist on going Dutch then the attack-minded Daley Blind is your man – do ask yourself, though, if you really fancy the Netherlands to keep a clean sheet against a Messi-led Argentina in a World Cup semi-final in South America.

Happy selecting, Fantasy heads!