Fantasy Premier League tips: 3 Spurs players to consider

Could these chaps, er, Spur you onto success? Hmm. Hang on, we'll think of a better one...

Christian Eriksen, one of our Fantasy Premier League tips for 2014-15
ERIKSEN: Will you Dane to include him? (Image: wonker)

Fantasy Premier League tips for sir? Recommendations for three Tottenham Hotspur bargains, specifically? Ooh, you love it.

Mauricio Pochettino is the latest man to be charged with elevating Spurs to the big time, a feat Harry Redknapp looked to have accomplished before it all went a bit controversial and sour.

Imagine if you will Indiana Jones entering the Temple of Doom, the skeletons of previous unsuccessful questers strewn all around him. That’s Pochettino, that is.

Still, there’s enough quality in Tottenham’s squad to provide some bang for your Fantasy buck. Read on, then, as we deign to give you our Spurs-centric Fantasy Premier League tips…

Christian Eriksen – £8m

If the Danish midfielder can pick up where he left off from the end of last season, he’ll provide both goals and assists in gleeful abundance.

A set-piece taker par excellence, he’s young enough to improve still further and become a major force in this league. In which case, he could be an absolute steal even at that price.

Ben Davies – £5m

The young defender would probably set you back more if he’d been at White Hart Lane when the 2014-15 Fantasy Premier League opened for business.

As it is he’s still got his Swansea City price on, and there’s not reason to believe he won’t be Tottenham’s starting left-back under a manager who’s proved he can set up a side to keep clean sheets.

Lovely, lucrative clean sheets. Er, and if Danny Rose starts instead of him then bear in mind he’s also priced at £5m. So, you know, whoever’s in.

Harry Kane – £5m

No, not the bespectacled guy off Mad Men – Kane is a young forward who shared a decent amount of promise last season and can expect more opportunities this time around, given Spurs are hardly blessed with an abundance of striking talent.

Not one to start with perhaps but keep an eye on his progress. After all, Emmanuel Adebayor’s never far away from some manner of meltdown.

Stay tuned for more club-specific Fantasy Premier League tips!