Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 29: Goalkeepers and Defenders

Looking at cheap draft-ins for a Gameweek of only five fixtures.

Martin Olsson, one of our Fantasy Football tips for Gameweek 29
Olsson… Yours for just £4.3m (Image: Илья Хохлов)

Ch-check it out – our Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 29 goalkeepers and defenders round-up is here!

We can’t be sure of what will happen in this weekend’s Premier League fixtures, so there is a possibility – just the merest hint of one – that our Fantasy Football tips might not work out for you.

Rest assured, however, that our educated guesses are at least as educated as they are guessed.

We should point out that our Fantasy Football tips are based on the Fantasy Premier League version of the game, although the principles should apply more or less across the board.

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Okay, let’s be having this…

Fantasy Football Tips Gameweek 29: Goalkeepers and Defenders

There are only five matches in this Gameweek, which begs two questions:

1. How highly do you value your assets?


2. How willing are you to gamble on sacrificing points to make all the necessary changes?

In answer to the first question, if the player gets you a lot of points and is now considerably more expensive than when you first brought him in, then you might want to take the temporary hit by keeping them in even if they’re not playing this week.

For example, Football Burp brought in Seamus Coleman for £5.8m, and now his price stands at £6.6m.

Everton don’t play in Gameweek 29, but we’re loathe to cash in on a player who could score us many more points in weeks to come – especially when we would have to pay so much more to bring him back in.

In answer to the second question, it’s got to be worth incurring a 12 or even 16-point penalty in order to make the four or five changes that would enable a Gameweek score of, say, 40 or 50 points – who knows, maybe more.

We’ve brought in Cardiff City’s Ben Turner for £4.1m and Norwich City’s Martin Olsson for £4.3m in the hope of a clean sheet for either or both of them at home to Fulham and Stoke City respectively.

You might also want to back Crystal Palace at home to Southampton, or even Southampton at Crystal Palace, while Manchester United’s recent 2-0 win at Selhurst Park suggests that they might be able to do similar at West Bromwich Albion this weekend.

Chelsea offer this season’s must-have defenders – frankly, it’s getting to the stage where we’re strongly considering dropping Eden Hazard in order to accomodate all three of John Terry, Branislav Ivanovic and Gary Cahill.

It’s bold, dammit, but it might just work – Chelsea are at home to Tottenham Hotspur, who’ve hardly been banging them in of late.

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