Tweets of the Week: Collymore on music, Club Brugge as Kraftwerk, Long queue and more!

Sexual Earnshaw, Neville corrections and imminent bankruptcy also featured.

Sky Sports Bradford City updates, one of our Tweets of the Week
Sky Sports app… Informative (Image: Twitter/Bantams Banter)

Collymore music rant! Club Brugge as Kraftwerk! Long queue for Shane! Is it Tweets of the Week? Darn tootin’.

Self-Contradiction of the Week

Stan Collymore, watching the Brit Awards

I love music, so any music is good music. Except when its manufactured to solely make £. No artistic merit whatsoever is supermarket muzak.

— Stan Collymore (@StanCollymore) February 19, 2014

Really enjoyed One Dimension's speech on the Brits. Inspiring.

— Stan Collymore (@StanCollymore) February 19, 2014

Observation of the Week

Gary Parkinson, Four Four Two

Phrases you thought you'd never write: Club Brugge's bench look like Kraftwerk pic.twitter.com/diMrLiDRl7

— Gary Parkinson (@GaryParkinson) February 18, 2014

Superlative of the Week

Robert Earnshaw, Toronto FC

Barcelona were sexual tonight.

— Robert Earnshaw (@RobertEarnshaw) February 18, 2014

Long Queue of the Week

Shane Long, Hull City

Wowzers! Big turnout today for that signing session, sorry to those who didnt get in lads! Get ya next time

— shane long (@Shanelong009) February 20, 2014

Long queue! Geddit? Oh, we slay us.

Loyal Followers of the Week

Those of Gary Neville, former Manchester United and England defender, current Sky Sports darling

Their is no beautiful way to beat the very best teams that have that bit more than you! It has to be ugly! Arsenal were that in Dortmund!

— Gary Neville (@GNev2) February 19, 2014

@GNev2, I declare that you intended to have said “[There] is no beautiful” instead. ‘Their’ belongs to ‘them’.

— Your Grammar Police! (@Your_Grammar) February 19, 2014

@GNev2 You know plenty about winning while being ugly, mate.

— Beez (@Beez_says) February 19, 2014

Imminent Bankruptcy of the Week

This guy, who posted this back in December and might have been alarmed to see it resurface this week

Manchester United WILL finish above Liverpool this season To show you how confident I am I will give everyone that RT's £10 if I'm wrong.

— Sir Alex Stand (@SirAlexStand) December 23, 2013

Service of the Week

Sky Sports

Would like to thank Sky Sports for their detailed match updates tonight. pic.twitter.com/76jMZLds0C

— Bantams Banter (@bantamsbanter) February 18, 2014

Public Meltdown of the Week

Pascal Chimbonda, Carlisle United

Life sometime is stranger wen you see you put someone up to the top and after you been put really down by this same person you can only be

— chimbonda pascal (@pascalchimbond1) February 20, 2014

More stronger in life.I really thx this person to make me realise it av more important things in life than a shit wasting time relationship.

— chimbonda pascal (@pascalchimbond1) February 20, 2014

4 years feeling like you inside a prison someone like me don't deserve this I am really happy to be out and feeling free thx God #truestory

— chimbonda pascal (@pascalchimbond1) February 20, 2014

sometimes you need to know to get rid of peoples and things to get ahead in life

— chimbonda pascal (@pascalchimbond1) February 20, 2014

Man hurt is not dead karma always come back

— chimbonda pascal (@pascalchimbond1) February 20, 2014

We can’t imagine why she left him.

Anyway, those were our Tweets of the Week. Join us on Monday for our Tweets of the Weekend!