Top 10 Monika Podolski photos

The top ten photos of Arsenal star Lukas Podolski's wife Monika, also known by her maiden name Puchalski.

Just 1 of the top 10 Monika Podolski photos
SHADES: Monika (Image: Twitter/Diary Gooners)

Meet the long term girlfriend-turned-wife of Arsenal star Lukas Podolski, also known by her maiden name Puchalski, in this collection of the top 10 Monika Podolski photos.


German tabloid Bild report that BUNTE magazine are speculating that the Podolski pair have split up.

Bild are denying that this is the case though, particularly citing the fact that wife Monika Podolski is still wearing her wedding ring in public.

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The couple have a child together, Louis Gabriel Podolski, who was born on the 14th of April 2008.

Three years after the birth of their son, the Podolski’s were married in a civil ceremony in Cologne, Germany. Then, in June 2011, they had a church wedding in Kamionna, Węgrów County, Poland.

After the Olivier Giroud/Celia Kay incident, Arsenal will be keen to avoid any further off-the-field problems and will be glad if this rumour turns out to be false.

Whatever the truth, check out the top 10 Monika Podolski photos below:

Monika Puchalski – Lucas Podolski cc: @Podolski10_ID pic.twitter.com/B6Bo40iZHE

— Diary Gooners (@DiaryGooners) October 30, 2013

Podolski with Monika zasagscahsagscaadac pic.twitter.com/6xY43VnxnT

— Aulia Shayk (@KING_C0BRA) March 4, 2013

oh iya kalo ini Monika, wife nya #Podolski pic.twitter.com/GK2aYsHmDp

— Pocong James Ramsey (@PocongAFC) May 12, 2013

Poldi dengan istrinya (Monika Pulchalski) & anaknya (Louis Gabriel Podolski) pic.twitter.com/OpWcTrBTsc

— Indönesian Gööners (@ID_Gooners) April 16, 2013

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