The best reports from Wenger’s post-fight press conference

Almost as entertaining as the initial confrontation, Arsène threatens to give journalists a "real push".

Arsène Wenger post-fight press conference after his touchline clash with José Mourinho during Chelsea 2-0 Arsenal was as heated as the match
WANTS TO FIGHT EVERYBODY: Wenger (Image: postproduktie.nl)

Arsène Wenger’s post-fight press conference was almost as entertaining as the match and initial confrontation – check out the best tweets describing the action as the Arsenal manager threatens to give journalists a “real push”.


Chelsea manager José Mourinho felt the full force of Wenger’s wrath in the form of a push and significant technical area invasion during the hotly contested London derby this weekend.

Don’t miss the amusing reports from Arsène Wenger’s post-fight press conference:

Wenger is asked whether he regrets pushing Mourinho. "No. What is to regret after that?"

— Oliver Kay (@OliverKayTimes) October 5, 2014

Wenger on shoving Mourinho: “I wanted to go from A to B but somebody confronted me without any sign of welcome' A: away dug-out, B: Sanchez

— Henry Winter (@henrywinter) October 5, 2014

Wenger says it was only a "little push" and he can show us if we like what a real push is *shocked emoticon*

— Daniel Taylor (@DTguardian) October 5, 2014

Wenger in press conference: "I trust you guys will teach me all the moral lessons for the next three weeks."

— Daniel Taylor (@DTguardian) October 5, 2014

Wenger offering out a room of journalists is the best thing he's ever done. Forget the invincibles and doubles. This is the pinnacle.

— Tim Lewis ? (@tim_lewis85) October 5, 2014

Wenger:"it was just a little shove,do I regret it? What do you think?" Geoff: "Well, I thi…" Wenger: "IT DOESNT MATTER WHAT YOU THINK!"

— Fonky Chris (@FonkyChris) October 5, 2014

Wenger threatening to show journalists what a "real push" is. Absolutely phenomenal.

— Sean (@attwood10) October 5, 2014

PLUS! BONUS: José Mourinho post-fight comments

Mourinho on Wenger's shove: "The behaviour he has, is the beahviour I have, is the behavior we all have. No problem at all."

— Dan Levene (@BluesChronicle) October 5, 2014

Mourinho forgives Wenger for shoving him, saying its "no problem". Adds "I did so many wrong things in football but not this time" #cfc #afc

— Henry Winter (@henrywinter) October 5, 2014