Ten things that cost the same as Jesús Navas

Jesús Navas
Navas… They could have renovated a bridge instead (Image: Gabrielcorbachobermejo)

Spanish international winger Jesús Navas has joined Manchester ‘big spending Manchester City’ City in a £23m deal from Sevilla, a marquee signing to usher in the new era of Manuel Pellegrini and the no-doubt-turbulent year ahead he faces before he is unceremoniously ditched for another manager despite having won the FA Cup and Europa League double. As Mystic Megson would say, you can put your balls on it!

As usual when football clubs start throwing large sums of money at each other, Football Burp started to wonder what the money could have been used for instead. As such, do join us in asking the ever-salient question: what else can twenty-three million of the Queen’s pounds get you these days? Here are ten recent examples of things that cost or amount to the same as Manchester City have paid for Jesús Navas (click on each thing in question to read more about it)…

A G8 pledge aimed at tackling sexual violence in conflict and violence against women and girls.

The Greek consul’s residence in London.

A Constable masterpiece on six-foot canvass titled “Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows 1831”, saved by a partnership of UK museums headed by Tate “on behalf of the British public”.

Eight schemes aimed at removing bottlenecks and keeping traffic moving on England’s motorways and major A roads.

Improvements to roads in the North East, including the long-awaited refurbishment of a 130-year-old bridge.

The ten-office national law firm Simpson Millar, the Liverpool-based Goodmans Law and the personal injury practice of Cambridge’s Taylor Vinters – combined!

A new 7800sq metre community centre in Wishaw, North Lanarkshire.

A University of Derby campus in the centre of Buxton, including restaurant, kitchens, spa, salons, library, sports lab and an event venue.

The renovation of two secondary schools in Scunthorpe.

A savings pot to be shared amongst 11,000 Sainsbury’s workers.

Do you know of anything else that costs the same as new Manchester City signing Jesús Navas? Some kind of illustrious residence, perhaps, or the world’s most precious ornamental carp? Have your say in the comments section below…