Ten things that cost the same as Andre Schurrle

Andre Schurrle
Schurrle… Don’t call me Schurrley (Image: Michael Kranewitter, Wikimedia Commons, CC-by-sa 3.0/at)

Chelsea have signed Andre Schurrle, everyone’s favourite German international forward, in an £18m deal from Bayer Leverkusen.

Schurrle of course becomes the first signing of the second Jose Mourinho era, in which they’ll be looking to improve on last season’s 3rd place finish.

True to form, Football Burp went forth and wondered: what else can eighteen million of Her Majesty’s pounds get you these days?

(For the learning and/or just plain soft, click on each thing in question to read more about it…)

Ten things that cost the same as Andre Schurrle

1. Drilling ten oil wells off North and West Africa

2. Five centuries of Russian treasures including a Fabergé clock and a drinking vessel once owned by Ivan the Terrible’s murdered wife

3. Divorcing Demi Moore

4. A 25-bed country estate in Buckinghamshire regarded as one of Britain’s most beautiful homes

5. A new rollercoaster at Alton Towers with a world record-breaking number of loops

6. A 120-bed affordable apartment complex for over-55s in the West Midlands, also including communal facilities such as a restaurant, shop, gym and well-being facility

7. The conversion of Liverpool’s historic historic Royal Insurance building to an hotel

8. Superfast broadband deal for Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire

9. The rights to the Summly app, which provides bite-sized summaries of content from news and other sites, bought by Yahoo from a 17-year-old London schoolboy

10. A distribution warehouse in Burton-Upon-Trent

£18m is also:

a) the amount of aid from the UK government for the safety and skills training of Bangladeshi factory workers following the collapse of the Rana Plaza factory in April

b) the amount per year that Chelsea’s kit deal with Adidas is reported to be worth

c) the value of Lindley Venue Catering’s ten-year deal at Watford FC

Do you know of anything else that costs the same as Chelsea are paying for Andre Schurrle? Have your say in that comments thing, down there…