Jonny Forumer: Wolves 1-5 West Brom


Jonny Forumer: Wolverhampton Wanderers 1-5 West Bromwich Albion

Wolverhampton Wanderers

Emotions were naturally running high over on The Wolves Forum, what with such a demoralising result being swiftly followed by the sacking of embattled manager Mick McCarthy. Looking around at his ashen-faced brethren, playtheace braved the pervading angst by uttering:

“Whats so annoying….a few weeks ago we were building an half decent team with Frimpong and Kightly coming in and its been ripped apart…but regardless any team that was put out today should have been up for it. Their last goal was a break away from our corner and you could clearly see 5 Wolves players just standing in their box while they counter attacked…not acceptable.”

After a few moments of uncomfortable silence, the grieving process still very much on-going, Wolf Hunting picked up an acoustic guitar and soothed everyone’s tempers with a gentle folk ditty, over which he warbled the words:

“Well, a couple of the goals, were tough for Hennessey. One was deflected off O’Hara then off Edwards arse then it went under the wrong footed Hennessey, The last one Hennessey was unsighted , you could see that from the camera behind the goal, and the third which was hammered at him and he was not unsighted but he simply dropped it. It hit him in the stomach and his left elbow and it squirmed through the gap over the line. A really $#@! goal to concede in the middle of a rout.

The Wolves defence though was startling in their superiority 65% in the 2nd half but got battered 5-1. Having said that the complete absence by the whole of the midfield / defence was appaling. I’ve never seen so much space where an opposing team could pass and run into in years. Almost like we had no idea what either man to man marking or even zonal marking meant. It was as though Wolves were manfully playing with 8 men. A truly poor display especially against West Brom.

Penk told me that Moxey was taking some terrible stick in the Director’s box (Morgan is away skiing so don’t expect any response from him)”


The folk at Molineux Mix seemed a little further down the line in coming to terms with the mauling, looking back over McCarthy’s rein and remembering the good times. Hoganstolemywife gripped his lapels and proclaimed:

“Thank-you very much Mick for everything you have done for us. I have nothing but the fondest memories of your tenure. You have picked Wolves up and made us respectable once more. I only hope that we get someone in half as likeable as you.”

Golden Wolf spoke while fixing his tie in a mirror:

“Thank you for taking us over when many of us feared our club would sink through the divisions. Thank you for installing some pride back into our club and giving us an “identity”, an identity us fans could be proud of. There have been some truly wonderful memories with him in charge and I hope the fans remember those times instead.

With that said I said after yesterday’s results…I saw no way back for him. It’s a shame he’s gone the way he has but this should have been done a long time ago.

Let’s hope we act quickly and get someone in who will save our season.”

thisisgil put down his glass of brandy, stubbed out his cigar, let out a world weary sigh and posited:

“I think most people feel bad because:

– the realisation that it is genuinely the end of one of our most successful spells in 30 years.

– for all of his faults, it’s unlikely we’ll find a manager who is as much of a good “Wolves fit” as MM was, and highly improbable we will in the short term

– we now realistically have a choice between Steve Bruce or Neil Warnock. Both of which are inferior to MM. Thanks a lot, pantwetters!

– Our chairman is more interested in hedging his bets and building luxury houses on the back of the club than making serious investments into the team”

Then the soup arrived.

Peter Odemwingie scored a hat-trick for West Bromwich Albion in their 5-1 win over Wolverhampton Wanderers at Molineux.
Odemwingie... Scored a hat-trick, you know (Img: Jl4kj123)

West Bromwich Albion

Making Football Burp’s nomination of Roy Hodgson as our most recent Embattled Manager of the Week look a bit silly, the Baggies’ momentous derby day triumph was reflected by an ostensibly ebullient mood on West Brom Dot Com, evident none more so than in boinging_along:

“Amazing. Stand out performers for me were MAF [Fortune], Morrison and PO [Odemwingie] I’d have give the first to the MotM award ahead of Pete personally.

A huge difference having Ridgewell in there. He supported the midfield and forwards really well, something we didn’t really get with Shorey. Only slight scary thing was it meant Olsson coming across quite far leaving McAuley to cover the middle of the box a little too often but it helped us keep possession so much better.

Bloody fantastic performance. Despite Wolves being a bit better second half 5-1 is about right considering the pasting they took in the first 45 mins.”

LiamTheBaggie shimmied into the centre of the room, surrounded by a bevy of beautiful women all disco dancing along with him, and in between Saturday Night Fever-esque poses he managed to articulate:

“I thought the boys were tremendous. I was expecting an early onslaught from Wolves but we started the game very well in my opinion. Created numerous chances and we generally put their fragile back four under plenty of pressure.

Thought we started the second half poorly but that was down to Wolves coming out much brighter, however, we soon wrestled control and from there on went to dominate. In the process, taking our goals very well

Everybody was very good for us today, both Odemwingie and Fortune were tormenting their back four, as did Jerome Thomas on the other flank. Youssouf Mulumbu, Paul Scharner/Andrews and James Morrison dominated the middle and this gave us the platform to win the game.

If Roy didn’t realise it before, he certainly must do now. 451 is the way forward.

Boing Boing.”

I then hotfooted it over to WBA Mad just in time to catch The Great Man of the Match Debate, bursting through the saloon doors just as Dek1573 was rapping over a funky lounge beat:

“Have gone for MAF if this guy could score goals he would not be playing for us, but he has been supreme since coming back from Doncaster.
James Morrison a close second partly for his winding up antics in front of the North Bank but mainly for a fantastic midfield performance,
With Pete 3rd for a wonderful hat trick.
That result will live long in the memory and agree all that played should receive MOM there were no passengers in this game.”