Footballers tweeting about Nando’s, Drake and FIFA

Drake… Not this one

Does exactly what it says on the tin…

Hard days training today. Nandos and then watching the game later. #decent

— Tom Cleverley (@tomclevz23) August 8, 2012

Fifa time whose online an wants a beating ………..

— jay emmanuel-thomas (@OfficialJET9) July 9, 2012

Just finishing my Nandos @PierceSweeney1 will be down for ya in 20 min!! My spidy senses are tingling!!!

— Noel hunt (@boyhunt) July 9, 2012

Rule number 2 of moving to a new club..find the local Nando’s twitter.com/morriskid/stat…

— jody morris (@morriskid) July 10, 2012

Just taught Biggie a lesson on FIFA ;)

— Samuel Ameobi (@Sammy_Ameobi) July 10, 2012

That’s good mate. Maybe when I’m back up there we can go Nandos now that we will be able to fit on the same table!! #7Plates

— Anthony Pilkington (@Pilkington_11) July 10, 2012

“@JUSTLMH: Nandos and bowling with @hensch17 @Lee_ABoyle.And the winner is ……”zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

— Danny Graham (@DannyGraham10) July 12, 2012

Playstation on, online time. Fifa whose onit ???????

— jay emmanuel-thomas (@OfficialJET9) July 26, 2012

Jermaine PedantJermaine Pedant says… That should be who’s.

It’s more attractive when you hold it in down …

— Danny Rose (@Danny25Rose) July 16, 2012

hate it when you play FIFA and it crashes!! #Headshot

— Shaun MacDonald (@ShaunMac20) July 29, 2012

Thinking about abit if Fifa Online …………

— jay emmanuel-thomas (@OfficialJET9) July 31, 2012

Could do with a visit from someone who runs a bath,gives a massage and brings a nando’s!! #anyone??

— jody morris (@morriskid) July 12, 2012

Gotta condo up in Biscayne.. #DrizzyVoice

— Ryan Babel (@RyanBabel) August 6, 2012

‘Went from serving it by the tele,to venue’s in manchester to swerving with Balotelli’… @drake giving balotelli a mention in latest verse

— jody morris (@morriskid) August 6, 2012