Footballers Tweeting About Nando’s: Akinfenwa, McEachran, Duffy and more!

It's footballers...it's Nando's...it's footballers tweeting about Nando's!

Delicious Nando’s (Image: Shovan Sagunam)

It’s footballers…it’s Nando’s…it’s footballers tweeting about Nando’s!

Take it away, footballers!

Adebayo Akinfenwa, Gillingham

All dat talk of nando's yesday has got me wanting it so ………….. Nando's here I come lol

— daRealAAkinfenwa (@daRealAkinfenwa) November 1, 2013

Shane Duffy, Yeovil Town (on loan from Everton)

Nandos with the boys @KevinDawson10 @Paddymadden

— Shane Duffy (@ShaneDuffy34) November 4, 2013

Mustapha Carayol, Middlesbrough

Look at how this guy @keikamara has just met me n @justinhoyte84 in nandos ?? this guy defo needs help!! pic.twitter.com/0uzjHY4b0K

— Mustapha Carayol (@Muzza_19) October 30, 2013

Josh McEachran, Watford (on loan from Chelsea)

Good tv tonight with a Nandos.

— Josh McEachran (@JMcEachran20) October 22, 2013

Jody Morris, ex-Chelsea and Leeds United

Think I'll grab a Nando's on way home #Hank #ProbablyPerinaiseThat

— jody morris (@morriskid) October 23, 2013

Kean Bryan, Manchester City U17

Nandos ??

— kean bryan (@keanB07) November 10, 2013

David Cotterill, Doncaster Rovers

That nandos was needed badly!

— David Cotterill (@cotterill_david) October 27, 2013

Jordan Graham, Aston Villa U21

Naaaa lucy is straight wifey. If she was mine I swear down I'd take her for a nandos. Maybe a TGI's if shes lucky ??

— Jordan Graham (@jordandakid) October 21, 2013

Lewis Kinsella, Aston Villa U21

Nandos ? Hmmm

— Lewis Kinsella (@Lewis_kinsella) October 11, 2013

Remi Matthews, Norwich City U21

That nandoos was decent!! @Laurenemma12

— remi matthews (@Remi_matthews) October 19, 2013

Liam Palmer, Sheffield Wednesday

@nandosuk #ThatTime

— Liam Palmer (@LiamJPalmer) October 22, 2013

Kevin Thornton, Wrexham

That nandos just got smashed

— kevin thornton (@kevinthornton12) November 7, 2013

Leon Clowes, Wrexham

Nandos hit the spot

— Leon Clowes (@leon_clowes4) November 7, 2013

Jacob Blyth, Northampton Town (on loan from Leicester City)

Nandos and X Factor, chilled night in before a huge FA Cup game tomorrow! #buzzin

— Jacob Blyth (@Blythy9) November 9, 2013

Max Clayton, Crewe Alexandra

I NEED a nandos massively

— Max Clayton (@MaxJClayton) November 6, 2013

Adam Cummins, Motherwell

Who goes to nando's and gets tomato sauce seriously though??? @JulieCooper18

— Adam Cummins (@AdamCummo4) October 24, 2013

Those were footballers tweeting about Nando’s. Tune in again soon for more of this kind of thing!