10 things that would cost the same as Kane, Sterling & Wilshere

Including Londis, Budgens and over a hundred Blackpool hotels.

Raheem Sterling would cost £40m, as would these 10 other things
DEAR: Sterling (Image: Kamran Hussain)

If the press is to be believed, England stars Harry Kane, Raheem Sterling and Jack Wilshere could all be set to move clubs this summer for the not inconsiderable sum of £40m apiece.

Could they be off to Manchester City? Chelsea? Manchester United? Real Madrid? Any which way, £40m is the figure currently being bandied about for each of the aforementioned hot prospects.

As such, we got wondering: what else does forty million of Her Majesty’s pounds get you these days?

We had a little look and came up with ten recent examples…

1. Londis and Budgens, comprising of almost 2000 convenience stores across the UK

2. 995 homes in Islington

3. 350 homes, a convenience store and a new park in Southampton

4. 140 hotels and more than 50 other businesses in Blackpool

5. A 64-bedroom nursing and dementia care home with 16 assisted living studios and 48 independent living flats in Stanmore, northwest London

6. A “pioneering biomedical engineering centre” at Imperial College

7. The modernisation of Tyne and Wear Metro

8. Repairing West Midlands roads

9. Five years’ worth of maintaining and improving social housing in Londonderry

10. Repairing all church roofs in the UK

Can you think of anything else other than Harry Kane, Raheem Sterling or Jack Wilshere that you might want to spend £40m on?