10 things that cost the same as Paulinho

10 things that cost the same as the £17m that Spurs paid for Paulinho, including an eco-friendly school and the UK's biggest butter plant

Paulinho… To think, they could have had an eco-friendly school in Liverpool (Image: Tjhang)

The news that Tottenham Hotspur have completed the £17m signing of Brazil midfielder Paulinho got Football Burp wondering:

What else can seventeen million of Her Majesty’s pounds get you these days?

As such, here are ten things that Spurs could have spent the money on instead – click on each thing in question to read more about it…

10 things that cost the same as Paulinho

1. Safeguarding 130 full-time jobs in Portsmouth, mainly in adult social care and children’s services

2. The first new secondary school in Cambridge for over than fifty years

3. An energy efficient school in Liverpool, with solar panelling, as well as a six-court sports hall, a theatre, 3D pitch, and recording and dance studios

4. Acontrolling stake in American production outfit High Noon Entertainment, which makes entertainment and “reality” shows including Guinness World Records Gone Wild, Hurricane Hunters and The Great Baker for television networks in the United States

5. The UK’s largest butter plant

6. 21 new food outlets at Eldon Square Shopping Centre in Newcastle city centre

7. The refurbishment and extension of Templeman Library at the University of Kent’s Canterbury campus, which will provide extra book storage, additional study spaces and a new lecture theatre and seminar rooms

8. A quantity of cocaine seized at Tilbury docks in Essex

9. Transforming Birmingham into one of the UK’s leading cities for cycling

10. Paying off the pension deficit of the charity People Can, which supports homeless people, victims of domestic abuse and ex-offenders

£17m is also the reported net worths of both Ashley Cole and Yaya Toure

Do you know of anything that costs the same as Paulinho? Have your say in that comments thingy below…