Five poorly timed football phone calls (videos)

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The spread of mobiles has meant football phone calls are now part of the sport
PART OF THE GAME: Mobile phones (Image: Keyser Soze)

Below are five football phone calls, all received (and some answered) at inappropriate times – during matches, press conferences and on live TV.

After a defender was spotted talking on his mobile during a friendly clash in Ukraine, here are some more telephone incidents from within our favourite sport.

Don’t miss this list of five poorly timed football phone calls:

Assistant referee takes a call during match

Linesman Georgi Tabakov was officiating a Bulgarian youth league game between Chernomorets and Cherno when an important call came in.

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Player answers phone on sidelines, comes on to hack down opponent

When a call came in for Matthias Hilbrands during an amateur match, someone from the bench handed him the phone while the game continued.

After a few moments speaking, the ball started heading towards Hilbrands goal.

He quickly ended the call, just in time to take out the approaching player and receive a yellow card.

Emmanuel Adebayor’s phone rings live on the BBC

Helpfully summed up by Richard Bacon in this clip from 2010 World Cup’s Most Shocking Moments (this was number 8), Adebayor made the mistake of leaving his phone on while live on the BBC.

The show was rudely interrupted by his loud ringtone but the player did his best to remain professional.

Neil Lennon answers journalist’s phone during press conference

In charge at Celtic, Lennon broke off from a press conference to speak to one journalist’s wife.

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Roy Keane annoyed by journalist’s ringing phone at press conference

The then Ipswich Town manager is not amused and notes that “it’s the second time it’s gone off”.

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