VfL Kemminghausen's Marcel Großkreutz argues with man behind door he ran into
(Image: YouTube/Sport-Live e.V. Dortmund)

German indoor football player runs into door and is confronted by the man behind it

Kemminghausen's Marcel Großkreutz attacked.


VfL Kemminghausen’s Marcel Großkreutz crashed into a door at the side of an indoor football pitch before someone emerged from it to angrily remonstrate with him.

On January 2nd, 2016 Kemminghausen drew 0-0 with Husen-Kurl in the second round of the 32nd Hallenfußball-Stadtmeisterschaft, an indoor football tournament taking place in Dortmund.

Coming to have a piece of you, literally pic.twitter.com/kARdN8K7kx

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Midway through the game, Marcel Großkreutz’s momentum pushed him into a door – opening it slightly.

It seemed to hit a man in the room behind it, because he came storming out and began shouting at the player while some of the Kemminghausen coaching staff including Marcel’s father, Martin, attempted to diffuse the situation.

Großkreutz told the press:

At first I thought he was kidding me.

But he really wanted to give me a clap.

I don’t know why.

That evening I had 100 unread messages on my cell phone.

It’s amazing how it works.