Newcastle fan's sketch helps police find man trying to enter his school
(Image: David Lally)

Young Newcastle fan’s drawing ‘helps’ police find suspicious man trying to enter his school

Provided a primitive but labelled sketch of the suspect.


A 10-year-old Newcastle United fan is being credited with assisting the police in their search for a man he saw trying to open the gates at the entrance to his school.

Ryan Cook provided the authorities with an annotated drawing of the suspect attempting to enter Lemington Riverside Primary School in the city.


— JetiⓂ️ (@jetiim) June 14, 2019

The schoolboy has been praised for his “fine detective work”.

After being approached by the person, who was unknown to the young Newcastle supporter, the incident was reported back to his parents – who promptly informed the police.


A sketch of the man was requested then from Ryan, who gladly obliged.

His rudimentary drawing and accompanying notes are said to have helped the investigation.


However when the police contacted the school they were informed the suspect was, in fact, an officially invited visitor who was known to staff.

But the boy was still able to wear his Newcastle team shirt as he received an award with Inspector Palmer of the Newcastle North Neighbourhood Policing Team at Northumbria Police quoted as saying:

It is an absolute pleasure to be able to present Ryan with a commendation for a fine piece of detective work last week.

I don’t know whether he would consider a future career with the police but he certainly has a detective’s brain.

If he doesn’t want to pull on the uniform then he could definitely find a job as a police sketch artist!