WATCH: Linkin Park played instead of Malta national anthem

Linkin Park - Numb was played as the teams lined-up before a friendly against Slovakia kicked-off.

Linkin Park playing at a festival, not at Štadión pod Dubňom where the track 'Numb' was played instead of the Malta national anthem before a friendly against Slovakia
BIG IN SLOVAKIA: Linkin Park (Image: Bosquete)

Before their friendly against Slovakia, a song by American rock band Linkin Park was mistakenly played instead of the Malta national anthem as the teams lined-up prior to the game.


The popular 2003 track Numb began to blare out of the speakers as the players stood proudly in line at Štadión pod Dubňom in Žilina on Thursday.

Expecting to hear L-Innu Malti, or The Maltese Hymn, the away team were instead shocked and offended by the music of the Californian musicians.

Thankfully they did not appear too upset, the mishap was quickly rectified and some were able to see the funny side of proceedings.

As the final insult though, the Slovakians went on to win the tightly contested clash 1-0 thanks to goal from 29-year-old free agent Adam Nemec towards the end of the first half.

Watch as Linkin Park is played instead of the Malta national anthem before the Slovakia v Malta friendly in the Vine below:

Štadión pod Dubňom regularly hosts games involving the Slovakia national team and is also the 11k-seater home of MŠK Žilina who play in the Slovak Super Liga.

It is named after the Dubeň hill which lies beside the ground, and the name of the stadium literally means Stadium under the Dubeň Hill.