VINE: Man City fan eggs mum after FA Cup Twitter promise

A mean child eggs his mum after Man City are knocked out of the FA Cup by Middlesbrough.

A box off eggs, just like the ones used in the Man City fan eggs mum Vine after their loss to Middlesbrough in the FA Cup 4th round
USED FOR EVIL: Eggs (Image: Eleassar)

Watch the Man City fan eggs mum Vine that is the result of one young user’s Twitter promise to do so if his side were beaten by Middlesbrough in the FA Cup fourth-round at the Etihad stadium yesterday.

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Shortly after kick-off, at three past three, the mean Manchester City supporting son, known as Mikee or @MikeeMCFC, brashly declared:

If Middlesbourgh win, I'll egg my mum.

— Mikee (@MikeeMCFC) January 24, 2015

But on a day of FA Cup shocks, the mighty Premier League giants soon succumbed 0-2 to the plucky northerners and it was time to get his choice of weapon (eggs) ready:

Sorry mum. I'll vine it shortly pic.twitter.com/wSywWYq6Pd

— Mikee (@MikeeMCFC) January 24, 2015

Then finally the naughty child followed through with his plan and posted a video on the, by now, demanding social network.

Watch the Man City fan eggs mum Vine, also featuring one angry parent obliviously cooking dinner, in full below:

Sorry mum! https://t.co/mikTz5xDxn

— Mikee (@MikeeMCFC) January 24, 2015