VIDEOS: The Adebayo Akinfenwa BMO Dance

See the Adebayo Akinfenwa BMO Dance videos and watch him move!

The Adebayo Akinfenwa BMO Dance
Dancing… Akinfenwa (Image: YouTube/ItsBMOtv)

Thanks to the player’s very own YouTube channel ItsBMOtv, you can see all the Adebayo Akinfenwa BMO Dance videos.

The enormous player with a bit of a cult following in the sport, will entertain and amaze with his unique brand of dance.

Akinfenwa himself wrote in Mail Online:

Earlier this week I released the official BMO dance for all my fans. It came about after I beat thefifaplayer (@thefifaplayer) 3-2 on FIFA 14 and did a little dance to celebrate one of my goals. The reaction on Twitter from fans was crazy and I decided I had to put an official video out.

Hopefully I can score and bring it out again.

Not all my team-mates have seen it yet but Myles Weston and Bradley Dack said they could handle the BMO dance, so I had to put them to the test. We filmed a video after training and I’ll let the fans decide what they reckon of Myles and Bradley’s moves.

The next step will be to get the whole team doing it after we’ve scored a goal!

See the Adebayo Akinfenwa BMO Dance videos below:

Akinfenwa’s BMO dance fever

The beast Akinfenwa doing the BMO Dance

BONUS: Harlem Shake BMO version

Akinfenwa says:

For me posting videos on YouTube and interacting with people on Twitter is a great release from the stresses of football. I’m a footballer first and foremost and I want to be remembered for what I do on the pitch.

But football these days is more than just what happens on the pitch and I love getting closer to my fans and showing them the real me. On the pitch I look big and aggressive, so I like to show them the real me – that I like to have a joke and I don’t take myself too seriously.

When people message me and say “you’ve made my day” that is a great feeling.

So get in touch with @daRealAkinfenwa on Twitter now! Or you can also check out his BMO clothing range.