VIDEOS: A cat and a dog do Ashley Young impressions

Watch a cat and a dog do Ashley Young impressions following the player's apparent dive against Real Sociedad.

A Manchester United fan's cat does an Ashley Young impression
Impression… Almost lifelike (Image: YouTube/MrFlyingPigHD)

Watch a cat and a dog each do their own Ashley Young impressions.

Following Young’s apparent dive that won a penalty against Real Sociedad in their Champions League Group A clash on Tuesday, the Manchester United midfielder has come in for a lot of criticism.

After numerous failed attempts which can also be seen in the clip, one fan has now taught his cat to do an impression of Ashley Young.

Made way back in early October, the video is somewhat inevitably still relevant today.

MrFlyingPigHD, who describes himself as a “Youtuber, Manchester United Fan” and “hell of a nice bloke”, says:

Just for fun, Here is my cat doing an impression of Manchester United’s ‘majestic’ winger Ashley Young.

Watch his cat do an Ashley Young impression, plus outtakes, below:

In response another supporter has taught his dog a similar trick:

Just for fun, here is my dog working her impression of Manchester United’s Ashley Young in fine form…take a bow son

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