Child gets upset when he's asked to take off his Fenerbahçe shirt
(Image: Twitter/Üsame UÇAK #Yeniden)

VIDEO: Young supporter refuses to take his Fenerbahçe shirt off

Tries to leave the room rather than remove jersey.


This young Fenerbahçe fan refused to take his club jersey off when asked to, kicking up a fuss and trying to leave the room instead of complying.

A man behind the camera, perhaps the boy’s father, tries to convince him to remove the shirt of the Turkish Süper Lig side, who are based in the nation’s capital Istanbul.

The child however digs his heels in, glancing up with a look of hurt etched on his face and resisting gentle attempts at physical coercion.

He then makes for the door to leave the room, only to find it’s closed and he’s too small to reach the handle to let himself out.