A boy refuses a Barcelona shirt before taking a Real Madrid shirt instead
(Image: Facebook/Football is my drug, Real Madrid is my dealer)

VIDEO: Young boy refuses Barcelona shirt, grateful for Real Madrid shirt instead

From despair to delight in a matter of moments.

A little kid refused to take Barcelona's Jersey and he wanted a Madrid shirt instead :)His expressions are just priceless <3 #BG7

Posted by Football is my drug, Real Madrid is my dealer on Tuesday, 2 February 2016

This young child is not happy when offered a Barcelona shirt and pushes it away in disgust, before showing his obvious delight when presented with a Real Madrid top instead.

The boy refuses the Barcelona shirt and appears very upset that it is even being offered by the adult in front of him, in the clip posted on a Real Madrid fan Facebook page.

His face is a picture when the disappointing gift is suddenly swapped with something apparently more appropriate.