Wolves fan sings song about Aston Villa going down
(Image: Twitter/HRH)

VIDEO: Wolves fan records himself singing song about Aston Villa going down

Pleased after their opening day defeat in Tottenham.


VILLA'S GOING DOWN! #TOTAVL #TOTvAVL pic.twitter.com/Lpb8q5Dk0a

— HRH (@HRH_YT) August 10, 2019

After their opening day defeat to Spurs, a Wolverhampton Wanderers fan videoed himself singing a song about Aston Villa getting relegated.

Dean Smith’s newly-promoted side struggled in a tough test at Tottenham Hotspur’s new stadium on Saturday, losing 3-1 despite going in front early in the first-half.


You just love to see it… pic.twitter.com/4Le3G8aKBU

— HRH (@HRH_YT) August 14, 2019

Apparently joyous at news of the final score, a creative Wolves supporter shared a video of him singing about it on top of a trashy pop song.

With a web of tangled but original lyrics, he lauds it over the club’s Birmingham rivals who have recently joined them in the Premier League.

Joao Moutinho CHANT! pic.twitter.com/hsbGCDVVpC

— HRH (@HRH_YT) May 25, 2019

Wolves are in the Europa League CHANT! pic.twitter.com/5cUQzHAgcS

— HRH (@HRH_YT) May 29, 2019