Will Ferrell gets José Mourinho sacked in GQ awards acceptance speech
Mourinho ousted by sheer Will (Image: YouTube/Kevin McGillicuddy)

VIDEO: Will Ferrell gets Mourinho sacked with GQ awards jibe

Issues apology in podcast.

Watch the shocking moment Will Ferrell got José Mourinho sacked by Chelsea with a barbed comment during a GQ awards acceptance speech.

The A-list Hollywood comedian has said he’s sorry for inadvertently doing so, stating that he actually rather admires the decorated Portuguese.

Ferrell spoke to the Men in Blazers podcast about his involvement in Mourinho getting sacked by Chelsea:

During the interview, Ferrell plays down reports that he’s become a fully fledged fan of the club, although he does like the colour blue.

Here he is amongst a star-studded crowd attending his one and only Chelsea match, a 2-0 pre-season win over Inter Milan at the Rose Bowl, Pasadena, southern California:

And here he is meeting Frank Lampard with Zach Galifianakis, who himself gets a special gift from Petr Čech: