VIDEO: West Ham fans subject schoolboy to torrent of abuse on train

West Ham fans verbally abuse a suit-wearing schoolboy on the train
Schoolboy: Doesn’t know he’s beautiful (Image: YouTube/Billy Parmenter)

Watch this boy, smartly dressed in a suit or some kind of school uniform, take a battering of verbal abuse from several West Ham fans he had the misfortune to share the same train carriage with.

The video goes on for almost five and a half minutes and features songs such as “He Sits Where He Wants”, “You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful”, “He Only Drinks John Smith’s” and “Saturday Detention Nah Nah Nah Nah”, amongst other classics.

There is also a bit of One Direction imitation (so we’re told) and a chorus of “He’s Texting His Boyfriend” when the poor lad tries to deflect attention away from himself by fiddling with his phone.

To his credit the boy, sipping from a can of drink the whole time, seems to take it all pretty well and thankfully doesn’t seem too disheartened by the incident – something that would have probably detracted from the video’s entertainment value somewhat.