VIDEO: West Brom fans spray fire extinguisher after Villa loss

Singing while soaking each other following the much-discussed defeat.

West Brom fans spray fire extinguisher after Aston Villa FA Cup loss
SPRAYED: Extinguisher (Image: Facebook/Aston Villa News, Rumours, Banter and Highlights)

Watch as West Brom fans spray a fire extinguisher over each other while singing in the concourse of the away stand at Villa Park after being knocked out of the FA Cup on Saturday.

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The much-discussed, highly-charged local derby was fraught with crowd issues after the BBC and Police inexplicitly arranged a 5:30pm kick off.

Two intimidating Aston Villa pitch invasions were seen by millions of viewers while there have also been reports of seats being ripped up and thrown into the crowd by the away support.

Although they had just lost 2-0, still singing and intent on not letting the atmosphere diminish, these supporters managed to drench themselves with the fire prevention equipment.

As more embarrassing football fan footage emerges from this weekend, see the West Brom fans spray a fire extinguisher in the stands of Villa Park in the full video below:

Great comment on the video by Aaron Porter:

That’s disgraceful….£3.30 for a cheese & onion pasty