VIDEO: Wayne Rooney slaps wrestler Wade Barrett at WWE event

Star spectator reacts to bad-mouthing from the ring as the pair continue their feud.

Wayne Rooney slaps wrestler Wade Barrett on WWE Monday Night Raw
SLAPPED: Wrestler (Image: Youtube/BeanymanSports)

Watch the video as Wayne Rooney slaps wrestler Wade Barrett after the WWE star bad-mouthed him from the ring in a bit of theatrics at the Monday Night Raw event that took place at Manchester Evening Arena last night.

Although Rooney was just attending as a spectator alongside his son, the pair continued their feud at the stadium as Lancashire-born Barrett cussed the Manchester United striker during the trash talk portion of the show:

In this ring are two men who can be described as having championship material.

Which is more than can be said for Wayne Rooney and Manchester United.

After coming face-to-face on the sidelines at a later stage in the fight, Rooney slapped the wrestler who went down like he’d been shot.

Wade Barrett responds to the slap in the clip below: