VIDEO: Vintage footage of Lionel Messi groped on Argentinian comedy TV programme

Vintage footage of Messi evading various comedy characters.

Lionel Messi groped on a comedy Argentinian TV programme
TOUCHY FEELY: Presenter (Image: YouTube/RockStar Deportes)

Reportedly previously unreleased footage that appears to show Lionel Messi being groped by a group of male participants in a comedy Argentinian TV show has surfaced.

The undated video of some age features the country’s captain constantly trying to evade touches and gropes during a short interview, followed by a kickabout and subsequent goal celebration.

The uploader simply says:

Unreleased video of Messi being humiliated in a TV program in Argentina.

The presenter is said to be relatively well known in Argentina and so it is thought Messi knew at least a little of what he was in for before agreeing to take part.

It has been speculated that the player may not have known what characters he would be encountering on the day though – as it turned out, it was macho farm workers.

See Lionel Messi groped on a comedy Argentinian TV programme in the full unedited clip below: