Vasco da Gama fan shakes shoe in Campeonato Carioca semi-final win against Bangu
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VIDEO: Vasco da Gama fan shakes shoe at pitch in Campeonato Carioca semi-final

Took it off his foot with team unable to break the deadlock.

Torcedor do Vasco está feliz com o Valentim? https://t.co/LY4ng974iH pic.twitter.com/7j1KhDZ0TT

— ge (@globoesportecom) April 7, 2019

A Vasco da Gama fan took off his shoe and waved it angrily at the participants on the pitch during a Campeonato Carioca semi-final against Bangu on Sunday.

The Brasileiro side were eventually able to claim a 2-1 win over their Série D counterparts in the annual football championship of the state of Rio de Janeiro.

“Filhão, virei meme” pic.twitter.com/pTyPwyH0YY

— victor alves (@victwrs) April 7, 2019

However, frustrated fans could only watch as their side were unable to make a breakthrough until being awarded a penalty early in the second-half.

Even then, they were pegged back within minutes, before netting the winner on the hour mark.


One Vasco supporter could barely stand it and has gone viral across the country after shaking his shoe at the action.

Getting up from his seat at the Maracanã, the man, accompanied by a young child, holds his shoe in one hand while gesticulating towards the players with the other.