A Uruguayan player rips his own shirt to get an opponent in trouble
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VIDEO: Uruguayan player rips own shirt to get opponent booked

Peñarol's Alex Silva Quiroga makes Jamie Vardy's recent antics look positively saintly.

Watch the number 2 in the red shirt on the left of the screen and you’ll see a Uruguayan player rip his own shirt to get an opponent booked.

The player in question is Alex Silva Quiroga of Primera División side Peñarol, and in this clip he makes Jamie Vardy’s antics against Sevilla look positively saintly.

He even commits the act right in front of the ref, albeit with his back turned, so he scores highly in terms of sheer brass neck.

The Montevideo club lie 8th in the league after an unbeaten start to the season comprising of two wins and three draws.

And with a will to win that extends to a player ripping his own shirt to get an opponent yellow carded, who’d bet against them continuing their unbeaten run?