West Ham's former stadium Upton Park blown up for film scene
(Image: Twitter/Connor Mcintosh)

VIDEO: Upton Park blown up for film scene

Historic ground exploded for entertainment value.


The explosion🔥 Upton Park⚒ pic.twitter.com/vN4wdcOghP

— Connor Mcintosh (@ConMcintosh) September 20, 2016

Watch Upton Park blown up for a movie being filmed at West Ham’s former stadium on Monday, amidst the trouble at their new home in the Olympic Park.

Determined to make their move to the London Stadium a success, the club’s old ground has been destroyed for entertainment value before the site is redeveloped.

See the devastating results as the historic Upton Park is blown up by some film producers, below:

R.I.P Upton Park😢♥️⚒ pic.twitter.com/nKTnDv2Ubp

— Connor Mcintosh (@ConMcintosh) September 19, 2016

So sad that Upton Park is destroyed while West Ham now play in a soulless, generic modern stadium. pic.twitter.com/Iee2Qwkb6l

— Han Polo ✘ (@DrEzekiel_) September 19, 2016

Upton Park currently… Still a better ground than OS… pic.twitter.com/m1uDfR2HYw

— COYS News (@CoysNews) September 19, 2016