A man holds an umbrella to stop missiles hitting the Universidad Católica corner taker during a 1-1 draw with Coquimbo Unido in the Chilean Primera División
(Image: Twitter/Adam Brandon)

VIDEO: Umbrella used to shield Universidad Católica corner taker from missiles thrown by crowd

Protection is brought in for César Pinares for set-piece in front of Coquimbo Unido fans.


The away following of Coquimbo Unido fans not letting Universidad Católica's Cesar Pinares take a corner here. Feels like the umbrellas are part of the problem and just encourage objects to be thrown… pic.twitter.com/iUko2gpSYj

— Adam Brandon (@AdamBrandon84) August 11, 2019

A Universidad Católica player had to be shielded from missiles thrown from the stands by a man holding an umbrella during a volatile Chilean Primera División clash.

Coquimbo Unido managed a 1-1 draw at Universidad Católica’s Estadio San Carlos de Apoquindo on Sunday night.

He was hit with a coin a minute before. I've had it happen to me in away ends, it hurts.

— Adam Brandon (@AdamBrandon84) August 12, 2019

César Pinares had been targeted earlier in the match by the away support and had to face their full wrath as he attempted to take the set piece directly in front of them.

The ground, in the region of Santiago, holds less than 15,000 and the fans are within easy reach of the pitch.

I *think* it is cardboard flag poles as no other type is allowed. Searches here are quite strict so these scenes aren't that common anymore. Coins were also being thrown, one hit Pinares. The whole incident lasted roughly 3mins.

— Adam Brandon (@AdamBrandon84) August 11, 2019

A hail of what has mostly been described as “cardboard flag poles” rained down on the 28-year-old midfielder.

One poor steward was then told to place himself in harm’s way and hold up the large sun umbrella to protect him.

Take the players off as soon as it happens. You've got to protect the safety of the players.

— Adam Brandon (@AdamBrandon84) August 11, 2019