Ukraine's Natiya Pantsulaya swerves away from ball to clatter Northern Ireland opponent
(Image: Twitter/Scott Pack)

VIDEO: Ukraine defender runs away from ball to clatter Northern Ireland attacker

Bizarre red card in Women's European Championship playoff.

The Northern Ireland vs Ukraine match contained one of the most cynical fouls I have ever seen. It is almost a work of performance art. pic.twitter.com/uRKVdQ1mId

— Scott Pack (@meandmybigmouth) April 13, 2021

Ukraine defender Natiya Pantsulaya veered away from the ball to barge into Northern Ireland’s Sarah McFadden during Tuesday’s match.

She received a red card for the bizarre challenge as Kenny Shiels’s side won 2-0 at the Seaview to clinch a place in the tournament.

Shocking decision. Only ever had eyes on the player pic.twitter.com/sPnr6IudDJ

— Coach Benjamin Yeezus (@BenjaminYeezus) April 13, 2021

McFadden was sprinting forwards to latch onto a through ball in the closing stages of the game but was clearly second to Pantsulaya in the race to get there.

For reasons best known to her, the Ukrainian changed her course mid-run in order to clatter into her opponent, an action for which she was sent off.