Wash bucket, as used by a Trabzonspor fan made to clean seats
(Image: DracoEssentialis)

VIDEO: Trabzonspor fan cleans seats as punishment for standing on one during a game

Tasked with scrubbing all ten thousand seats in Turkish side's new stadium.

"Yeni yuvamız" derken şaka yapmıyorduk. İnsan hiç evindeki koltuklara ayakkabılarıyla basar mı? Hemen alır cezasını! :) pic.twitter.com/gv67VOVoSZ

— Trabzonspor Kulübü (@Trabzonspor) March 15, 2017

This clip shows the plight of a Trabzonspor fan who was forced to clean every seat in their stadium as punishment for standing on one during a game.

The Turkish Süper Lig side found out about his indiscretion on social media and took a dim view, so house proud are they of their brand new home at the Medical Park Arena.

It may seem a little overprotective, but Trabzonspor only moved in a month ago and were keen to make an example of the miscreant supporter.

He was reportedly made to clean each and every one of the ten thousand seats in the ground, although it’s not clear from this short video if they held him to it.

The club tweeted:

We weren’t joking when we said “this is our new home” :) Do you ever step on the seats with your shoes on at home? You get punished immediately! :)

While we don’t see the fan’s face, we see him filling up a bucket and taking it to the stand while offering the following narration in Turkish:

My club found me stepping on a seat and punished me by making me wipe ten thousand seats. What we pay for tickets can’t buy these seats. This is our property, we must protect it. Trabzonspor belongs to all of us.