Tennis player Jonas Björkman mocks Neymar after getting hit by the ball during an exhibition doubles match at Wimbledon 2018
(Image: Twitter/Leonardo)

VIDEO: Tennis player mimics Neymar after being hit by a ball at Wimbledon

Former World No. 4 Jonas Björkman mocks Brazil star.


In an exhibition doubles match at Wimbledon, former world No. 4 Jonas Björkman imitated Neymar after his partner accidentally struck him with the ball.

Also a former World No. 1 in doubles, the Swede was crouching by the net when he took Todd Woodbridge’s overhead baseline volley to his back.

He delights the crowd by collapsing to the floor, rolling around and screaming – and then one of his opponents, Mansour Bahrami, joins in on the fun.

Bahrami climbs over the net to feign coming to Björkman’s aid, even affecting giving him CPR in an attempt to ‘save’ him.

Mockery of Brazil star Neymar has been widespread since his play-acting at the World Cup in Russia, most notably during the 2-0 win over Mexico.