VIDEO: Team Sturridge and Townsend trash talk for Call of Duty ad

Two of England's brightest young stars engage in a bit of trash talk as Team Sturridge take on Team Townsend in a Call of Duty competition.

Team Sturridge engages in a bit of trash talk for Call of Duty event
Tough talking… Sturridge (Image: YouTube/CALLOFDUTY)

See 2 of England’s brightest young stars engage in a bit of trash talk as Team Sturridge prepare to take on Team Townsend in a Call of Duty competition next month.

To celebrate the release of the latest instalment of the Call of Duty series, Liverpool’s Daniel Sturridge and Tottenham’s Andros Townsend will lead competing teams in the upcoming gaming battle.


And there’s no love lost between these 2. In fact, a mouthy Sturridge has something to say about all the other team leaders:

I know a few of the team leaders, I can’t wait to beat them guys.

Rizzle Kicks, you’ll find out how on point my Call of Duty game is.

I saw you both talking it large, givin’ it big, but I’m not bothered about that.

Jamal think’s he’s a great deal y’know, with his new book out, piping up about the front cover of magazines and all this – not impressed.

It was great to play with Andros Townsend the other week when we qualified for Brazil next summer, but I still can’t wait to take him down on the night and send him packing back to north London.

As for Wretch 32, I know he’s got his rapping voice and all this vibe but I’ve got enough in my locker to deal with him and his squad.

So to get involved in the winning squad, just tell me why I need you on the night.

Watch the Team Sturridge trash talk in full below:

Townsend chose to focus his devastating vitriol on just his international team-mate:

Now there’s plenty of other big names in the draw for the tournament.

Studge, no room for friendships here mate. It was amazing playing with you for England and helping the country get to Brazil the other week, but it’s down to business and my team will be taking down your team on the night I’m afraid.

I’m not turning up for 2nd place guys and when it comes to Call of Duty, I’m deadly serious.

It’s 1st place or nothing for Team Townsend, so only step-up if you’re bringing your A-game

Watch the Team Townsend trash talk in full below: