VIDEO: Take a look around Andrea Pirlo’s vineyard

Andrea Pirlo's vineyard, Pirlo shown here drinking wine
Pirlo… Pouring some Pirlot (Image: YouTube/fordofeurope)

Take a look around Andrea Pirlo’s vineyard in this new Ford’s Fascinating World of Football video.

Little known to football fans, self-confessed wine lover and Juventus star Pirlo owns a vineyard in Brescia, Italy and is currently producing four different wonderful wines.

The Italian international, now 33, made his first-team debut for Brescia at the tender age of 16 against Reggina back in 1995.

Pirlo’s mother, Livia, who also features in the video sitting at a table cluttered with wine and pictures of her son, gives us a little insight into the life of the creative midfielder when he was a boy:

He was always a lively but quiet child. He wasn’t boisterous.

He always tasted a little wine. Now he’s an adult he likes to try different kinds of wine.

Take a look around Andrea Pirlo’s vineyard below (turn on English subtitles for translation):

The oddly surreal video somehow promotes Ford’s “all-new” Ford Tourneo Custom.

The car company describe the video simply with:

When he’s not captivating Juventus fans, Andrea Pirlo is delighting wine lovers. Travel with the all-new Ford Tourneo Custom to his vineyard in Northern Italy to discover more.