VIDEO: Swarm of bees on crossbar, firemen and bee keepers attend

Swarm of bees on crossbar at game between Associação Atlética Ponte Preta and Clube Atlético Sorocaba in Brazil
Bees… Narrowly escaped being burnt alive (Image: YouTube/Jesus Deus)

See the ‘swarm of bees on crossbar’ video from the game between Ponte Preta and Atlético Sorocaba in Brazil’s top division.

The Campeonato Paulista clash at Ponte Preta’s Moisés Lucarelli stadium was delayed by more than 15 minutes after a swarm of angry bees gathered on the crossbar of a goal at one end of the pitch.

After Ponte Preta steward staff amazingly failed to disperse the mass of buzzing insects with a rather dramatic large home-made blowtorch, they apparently called the fire department.

The firemen attended in a large truck, but managed to do little.

Eventually some properly attired bee keepers arrived and expertly scooped the bees into a big black bin bag before escorting them out of the ground.

Some heavy duty chemicals were sprayed on the woodwork and around the goal to stop the same situation occurring again.

Ponte Preta went on to win the match 2-1, leaving them in 2nd but Atlético Sorocaba in trouble in the relegation zone.

Watch all the bee goalmouth action below:

Spotted on Sport.es via Dirty Tackle