VIDEO: Super Great Toilet Keeper by TOTO and toto

The Super Great Toilet Keeper by TOTO and toto
Super Great Toilet (Image: tototototosgtk/YouTube)

Roll up, roll up! Come and see the amazing goalkeeping toilet.

TOTO and toto have combined to produce an incredible feat of sanitary engineering and a solution to the age old problem of needing a toilet that can save penalties.

In their own words:

TOTO (a sanitary ware manufacturer) and toto (a legal organization that organizes and sells Sports Promotion Lottery) have two things in common: their names, and their attitude towards the contribution to the environment. For this reason, this collaboration project was founded.

As an ambassador of the campaign, the unique “Toilet Goalkeeper” was created, having characteristics derived from the business of the two. This project aims at informing customers about the efforts towards the environment of both TOTO and toto, through events, promotional campaigns, and the Toilet Goalkeeper website. This promotion is limited to Japan.

“Toilet Goalkeeper” was developed only for a promotional purpose.

TOTO and toto will not manufacture/sell “Toilet Goalkeeper”.

The ambassador of this campaign is the world’s best Goalkeeper-modelled toilet that was inspired from TOTO’s technology and toto’s predictability. Toilet Goalkeeper will basically save any kind of shoot. As we can travel around to games and events held at various places, please enjoy its performance with your own eyes.

SOURCE: The Verge via Who Ate all the Pies