Male streaker at amateur women's match between VV Waskemeer and Wykels Hallum in the Netherlands
(Image: Twitter/Amateur football North)

VIDEO: Streaker at women’s clash between VV Waskemeer and Wykels Hallum

Rumours suggest the incident is related to a bet lost by one of the visiting players.


⚽️ Streaker bij damesvoetbal vv Waskemeer #amateurvoetbal pic.twitter.com/NpnjP3esHM

— Amateurvoetbal Noord ⚽️ (@Amateur_Noord) September 19, 2020

A male streaker interrupted a women’s amateur match in the Netherlands as VV Waskemeer faced Wykels Hallum.

Wykels Hallum drew 0-0 at VV Waskemeer’s Sportpark Ald Leger this weekend on the opening day of the North, Saturday 3rd division 3E class B league (Noord, Zaterdag 3e klasse B).

⚽️ Naar verluidt gaat het hier om een – verloren – weddenschap van één van de spelers van @WykelsHallum #amateurvoetbal https://t.co/3X8Qsqs1xj

— Amateurvoetbal Noord ⚽️ (@Amateur_Noord) September 20, 2020

Midway through the game, the referee was forced to bring play to a halt as the naked man climbed over the advertising hoardings and weaved between the teams, running the full width of the pitch.

The small smattering of a crowd whoop as many of the players stand around with their hands on their hips while watching in bemusement.