Tyler Swift's spoof freestyle half-time entertainment at Barnet vs Crawley Town
(Image: Twitter/Artur Petrosyan)

VIDEO: Spoof freestyle half-time entertainment at Barnet

Tyler Swift entertains the crowd at Barnet vs Crawley Town.

Must be the worst half time entertainment show ever. That was at Barnet (via @marklipman1) pic.twitter.com/Sc3LcPkRQY

— Artur Petrosyan (@arturpetrosyan) December 19, 2015

Fans watching Barnet vs Crawley Town at The Hive Stadium on Saturday were treated to some spoof freestyling from Tyler Swift of Soccer AM fame at half-time.

Entertaining the crowd, if the laughter behind the camera is anything to go by, the football comedy star struggled to put many tricks together.

Find out more about freestyler Tyler Swift in the video below: